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Listeria fears fuel recall of Amy's Kitchen frozen food products

In our everyday lives, we all purchase and consumer a wide array of products. Thanks to governmental and agency regulations, Minnesotans buy these products with confidence, trusting, almost without thought, that they are safe for their intended use. Sadly, though, far too often companies make, market and distribute products that pose a significant threat of harm to consumers.

For example, Amy's Kitchen recently recalled several of its frozen food products for fear of containing listeria-tainted spinach. The recall of some 74,000 cases of food products came voluntarily after Amy's Kitchen was notified by its spinach supplier that the leafy green may be tainted. Listeria, though rare, can cause serious injuries and death. Symptoms of the disease include nausea, aching muscles, and fever. If you have eaten any of the Amy's Kitchen products listed here and have these symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately.

A consumer injury that occurs because of an unsafe product is unacceptable. Therefore, action should be taken to hold negligent and reckless companies accountable for the harm they cause. This often means filing a product liability lawsuit, which may bring a victim a sense of justice, closure and compensation for damages, which might include medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, and pain and suffering.

Products liability is wide area of the law that can be difficult to understand. Thus, when someone suffers harm at the hands of a product, and that product was used as intended, then it may be wise to think about speaking with an attorney who has experience handling such cases. Hopefully then businesses that provide consumer goods will implement the changes they need to ensure consumer safety.

Source: The Washington Post, "Amy's Kitchen recalls frozen food over possible listeria-tainted spinach," Elahe Izadi, Mar. 24, 2015

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