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Can I file a claim if I've been hurt by a hip implant?

Many Minnesotans may fail to realize that the medical field is inundated with products. Though we often think of doctors providing us with a service, the fact of the matter is that doctors prescribe medicine, implant artificial body parts, and use a wide variety of equipment. When these products are defective or improperly designed, then patients like you can be at risk of serious injury.

One well-known defective medical product is metal-on-metal hip replacements. These implants utilize a metal ball and a metal socket, which can rub together and release metal particles into the area surrounding the joint and even the blood stream. This can significantly damage your bone and tissue. If you have a metal-on-metal implant, then you might suffer a broken hip or problems associated with the heart, kidneys, nerves and/or thyroid. Additionally, many times, victims must have an additional surgery to have the implant removed and replaced, so be prepared for that reality.

Many of these types of hip implants have been recalled. Though some of the companies who manufactured and sold these products have offered to pay out of pocket medical expenses for those who were harmed, that is not enough. You may also suffer lost wages from being unable to work and may experience extensive pain and suffering. Therefore, if you have been subjected to a consumer injury by a defective hip implant, then you may want to contact an attorney.

By speaking with a legal professional, you may discover that you can file a products liability claim against the company that made the defective product. A claim, if successful, could bring you compensation for your damages, which could help you focus on recovering your health and getting back to your normal life.

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