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April 2015 Archives

Dangerous food products and Listeria

This blog often discusses when food products are recalled and how they can pose a hazard to unsuspecting consumers. What we do not do often, however, is discuss some of the harms that can befall products liability victims. Therefore, this week we wanted to devote our blog post to a medical condition that may be weighing on the minds of many consumers: Listeria.

We stand by those hurt by unsafe products

Our last post on the blog discussed strict liability and how it shapes your products liability claim. This area of the law is very specialized and can be difficult to understand. Sure, strict liability itself may only have the three elements discussed last week, but each of those elements in and of themselves can bring up a whole host of legal issues.

What is strict liability?

If an individual has suffered a consumer injury caused by a product that the person purchased, then the person may be able to file a legal claim and, potentially, recover compensation for the individual's injuries. However, before moving forward with a products liability lawsuit, it is important to understand how the law operates so that a victim can make legal decisions that work best for the person.

Warning: social media use can have harmful side effects

Social media has taken hold in our society. Minnesotans connect with friends and family around the world on a daily basis. They share everything from little laughable snippets of their experiences to photographs capturing the life of their growing families, but are they too quick to click “submit” when it comes to social media?

Can I file a claim if I've been hurt by a hip implant?

Many Minnesotans may fail to realize that the medical field is inundated with products. Though we often think of doctors providing us with a service, the fact of the matter is that doctors prescribe medicine, implant artificial body parts, and use a wide variety of equipment. When these products are defective or improperly designed, then patients like you can be at risk of serious injury.

Listeria fears fuel recall of Amy's Kitchen frozen food products

In our everyday lives, we all purchase and consumer a wide array of products. Thanks to governmental and agency regulations, Minnesotans buy these products with confidence, trusting, almost without thought, that they are safe for their intended use. Sadly, though, far too often companies make, market and distribute products that pose a significant threat of harm to consumers.