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Defective construction materials cause big problems for owners

A home is a person's castle and place of peace and comfort. In Hennepin County people make their homes in highly populated areas, on large tracts of land, and in shared units and dwellings. No matter where a person lives or in what type of structure he resides, he should be confident that the materials used to construct his dwelling are both safe and structurally sound.

When a person thinks about home construction safety he may focus on the home's foundation, walls, and roof. However, many other elements of a house may present problems for those who live in it. One often forgotten home element that can create problems for homeowners is a home's chimney.

A chimney allows a person to have a controlled fire within the walls of the home. A chimney requires proper ventilation to prevent dangerous toxins from getting trapped within the walls of the house. Therefore, the importance of chimney safety and maintenance is paramount when considering the safety of a home.

An improperly built chimney can pose dangers to the homeowners. Additionally, a properly built chimney that uses the wrong or defective construction materials can be just as dangerous as one that suffers from structural deficiencies. When a chimney fails it can crumble, crack, get blocked, allow water intrusion and mold to exist in the home, or cause many other issues that could threaten the safety of those who live within the home's walls.

Using the correct and properly constructed chimney materials is the best way to avoid chimney problems in a home. However, if a person suspects that defective construction materials were used in his home's chimney, he may have legal rights. Compensation may be available to those whose homes suffer from construction issues that could have been remedied by their contractors and builders.

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