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Inadequate product label warnings for doughnuts sparks recall

People in Minnesota and across the country place their trust in food manufacturers to ensure that all necessary safety warnings are placed on the food labels or packaging. When a negligent company makes a mistake with its food products, there is a significant danger of serious injury to those who purchased and consumed the foods. In some extreme cases, it can even lead to death. Those who have been affected by this or believe they might have been in the past need to understand how to move forward with product liability litigation.

A local bakery is in the midst of recalling a doughnut that has a popular candy bar as its topping. The reason for the recall is that the product might contain undeclared peanut, which was not disclosed on its label. This situation led to the possibility that someone might unwittingly eat the product and become ill. The allergic reaction to peanuts can lead to death; therefore, it was important that the company issue the recall. As of yet, there is no known evidence that the peanuts were actually in the doughnuts, but the manufacturing facility received a product from a third party that failed to inform them that peanuts may be present. The product was shipped to and sold in Minnesota and Wisconsin during the first two weeks of 2015.

It's often forgotten how dangerous a food allergy can be. If a person is allergic to a certain ingredient and eats it, there is a potential for severe health issues that can lead to hospitalizations, medical costs, lost time at work and even death. In some instances, companies are simply ignorant to the risks that can arise from not being aboveboard and providing full disclosure of potential allergens in their products. In others, they may not even care. Regardless of the situation, when there is serious injury due to a food allergy that might have slipped through the company's oversight, people who were harmed have a right to be compensated.

In the case of these doughnuts, the company is being cautious, even though it's unknown whether peanuts are even present in the food. As of yet, it's not known whether anyone became ill, but if there is the possibility that someone did, the first call after going for treatment should be to a legal professional who is experienced in a wide variety of product liability cases.

Source: Food Poisoning Bulletin, "Twix Bismarck Doughnuts Recalled for Undeclared Peanuts," Kathy Will, Jan. 21, 2015

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