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Children's toys or products associated with thousands of injuries

Parents in Minnesota do everything they can to protect their children. They childproof their home, keep dangerous substances out of reach and make sure the child uses a car seat while on the road. Unfortunately, parents cannot protect their children from the potential harm caused by children's toys or products, particularly when these products are defective.

The statistics surrounding injuries and fatalities related to children's products are sobering. In 2012, over 77,000 children under 5-years-old were sent to the emergency room with injuries associated with children's products. Approximately 67 percent of these incidents involved high chairs, cribs and crib mattresses, strollers, car seats and infant carriers. The main cause of injuries included falls. The head and face were the most frequently injured body parts. Cuts, bruises and internal organ injuries made up 73 percent of the types of injuries suffered.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 2008 and 2010, 333 children under 5-years-old suffered fatalities related to children's products. Nearly 90 percent of the fatalities involved cribs and crib mattresses, playpens, bassinets, car seats, infant carriers and bath seats. Two of the causes of these fatalities included asphyxiation and drowning. In some circumstances, the products themselves caused the child's deaths. In other circumstances, the deaths were caused by a hazardous environment around the children's product at issue.

As this shows, it is all too easy for a child to be injured or killed by a children's product in general, but this is especially true when the product is defective. Design or manufacturing defects, inadequate safety warnings and insufficient instructions can all lead to a child being injured or killed. Unfortunately, product recalls sometimes come too little too late to prevent injuries or deaths. In these situations, parents may want to consider pursuing a products liability lawsuit. While doing so cannot undo the injury or bring their child back, it can at least give parents the sense that justice has been done and the people or company responsible for such defects are held responsible.

Source: cpsc.gov, "Injuries and Deaths Associated with Nursery Products Among Children Younger than Age Five," Risana T. Chowdhury, Accessed on Feb. 22, 2015

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