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February 2015 Archives

Children's toys or products associated with thousands of injuries

Parents in Minnesota do everything they can to protect their children. They childproof their home, keep dangerous substances out of reach and make sure the child uses a car seat while on the road. Unfortunately, parents cannot protect their children from the potential harm caused by children's toys or products, particularly when these products are defective.

Manufacturing defect with GM cars' steering sparks new recall

Car owners in Hennepin, across the state, country and even around the world have been affected by the continuous problems certain car makes and models have experienced due to errors in production. A manufacturing defect can have major implications and cause serious injury or death. Most people want to trust that when they buy a vehicle, it will be safe. When there is a mistake in the manner the designed vehicles were built, the company should be expected to take action. That, however, doesn't always happen.

Seeking legal help for product design defects in Minnesota

There's an unstated belief that when a person or company purchases a product, it will be designed and manufactured properly so that it's functional and safe. This belief is innate, otherwise what's the purpose of buying the item in the first place? Simply because a product is sold doesn't mean that it will be designed in the proper way.

Inadequate product label warnings for doughnuts sparks recall

People in Minnesota and across the country place their trust in food manufacturers to ensure that all necessary safety warnings are placed on the food labels or packaging. When a negligent company makes a mistake with its food products, there is a significant danger of serious injury to those who purchased and consumed the foods. In some extreme cases, it can even lead to death. Those who have been affected by this or believe they might have been in the past need to understand how to move forward with product liability litigation.