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Window leaks and other defects often found in buildings

Construction defects are a concern for people looking for a new home or making repairs to their old one in Hennepin and across the state. Whether a person is buying a new home or doing repairs to their current home, numerous issues can arise when it comes to construction defects and it's important to know how to recognize them.

While construction defects can arise in any number of places, there are several that are common. Façade leaks happen frequently. This can occur due to the different kinds of façades that architects design and builders build. With a vast number of variances in how the façade is formulated, there are more ways for flaws to arise. Window leaks are not unusual. This might happen because of a mistake made during installation. People might try to save money by self-installing or having a handyman do it. Professionals are preferable for this type of installation.

If water leaks into the home, it can cause a variety of problems. Dampness will force wood to expand and cause gaps. These can be dangerous and reduce the value of the property. It can also lead to water intrusion and mold. This can happen when there is a façade leak, showing the importance of understanding that one problem not taken care of can lead to another. In addition to leaks, heating and ventilation issues can not only make repairs necessary, but they can be dangerous and cause fumes to enter the home.

Some contractors will try to save money by using substitutions for agreed-upon or advertised materials. They might also try to fit materials into areas by altering them. This can be done for a number of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is money.

People might be somewhat naïve when they're having repairs done or are looking for a new place to live and believe that the construction companies and contractors will have their best interests in mind. If there are construction defects and they're the fault of the builders or contractors, it's unfair for consumers to have to foot the bill. This is when it's important to pursue compensation with assistance from a lawyer with experience in construction issues.

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