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January 2015 Archives

Danger of serious injury from lead in children's toys

When a person in Minnesota buys a toy for a child, they're functioning with the belief that the product will be safe and the child won't be in danger of serious injury simply by playing with it. There are many reasons why a child might be hurt from a toy. It could be an unreasonably dangerous product. There might be inadequate safety warnings. Or it could simply be a negligent company willing to risk the health of its customers. One issue that unexpectedly arises in today's more conscientious world is the substance lead being in children's toys.

Window leaks and other defects often found in buildings

Construction defects are a concern for people looking for a new home or making repairs to their old one in Hennepin and across the state. Whether a person is buying a new home or doing repairs to their current home, numerous issues can arise when it comes to construction defects and it's important to know how to recognize them.

Being compensated for an unreasonably dangerous product

There's a large amount of trust placed in manufacturers and sellers that the products they provide will be safe for people in Hennepin. However, because the product is available on the market doesn't automatically mean that testing has been done to ensure that it is safe and won't cause consumer injury. It's important for consumers to understand that there might be an issue with any number of products that makes them dangerous.

Understanding the dangers of roof leaks and ice dams

The winters in Minnesota are predictably cruel and it's important to homeowners that their property is protected from the elements. One frequent issue that arises has to do with roof leaks and ice dams. Many are unaware as to what an ice dam is, how it happens, what to do about it and who is responsible for it. Gathering information as to what how the issue arises is the first step to dealing with it. In some instances, this occurs because of construction defects, so it's important to know how to pursue legal action against the contractor or builder for the mistakes that were made that caused the issue.

Legal help with a case of product liability

There's an inherent trust that people in Hennepin put into the companies that provide them with various products that they might use on an everyday basis. These products can be for enjoyment, for work, for their health, for appearance, for their children or for a variety of other reasons. When there is a manufacturing defect or some other problem that results in consumer injury, the individual who was harmed needs to understand what to do next. In many instances, that includes considering litigation.