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What symptoms and illnesses stem from asbestos exposure?

When a person in Minnesota is diagnosed as having an illness that is known to be linked to asbestos, the injured may have to do some investigating to discover the source of the exposure. It's been a long time since asbestos was widely used in construction and for other purposes, but its remnants still affect many people and their families. Understanding asbestosis and what it can lead to is the first step in having a grasp on the disease, but that doesn't always help a victim know how they were exposed in the first place.

If an individual breathes in asbestos, it can lead to scar tissue forming inside the lungs. This prevents the lungs from expanding or contracting as they should in a healthy person. Long-term exposure can increase the severity of the health problems experienced and, often, people are unaware that they were in the presence of asbestos at home or work. In many cases, people were exposed to asbestos for decades before becoming symptomatic. It can be a severe construction worker illness as the substance was generally utilized in construction projects prior to 1975. People working in fireproofing and construction were exposed. Asbestos was used for many other functions as well such as insulation. It has been found in schools.

Diseases that people have because of asbestos include mesothelioma. This is a cancer of the lining of the lungs. Lung cancer, pleural effusion and calcification can happen as well. Government regulation has stopped the widespread use of asbestos, but people who were exposed might not even realize that they were working with so dangerous a substance until they show the symptoms. Even then, they might not understand what they're facing. Symptoms include pain in the chest, a cough, feeling short of breath and experience chest tightness.

There is no cure for asbestos illnesses making it even worse for those who have been made sick because of this dangerous product. Medical costs can be hefty and the prognosis is poor. If a person was unknowingly exposed to asbestos while at work or through some other means, it's imperative that they know the details of the disease and how they could have been left vulnerable to it. Speaking with a legal professional with experience in these issues is the first step to pursuing compensation.

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