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Minnesota woman suffers serious injury due to car airbag defect

The flood of automotive recalls for vehicles manufactured by numerous companies for a variety of reasons has shaken consumers all over the world. Minnesota is not immune to having issues linked to faulty car parts or poorly designed vehicles. Given the number of people who have been hurt or killed as a result of these products and a design defect, it's important that everyone remain vigilant at the risks they're taking and the dangers to others when they head out on the road.

The United States government is trying to pressure the manufacturer of an airbag that has been found to be defective to expand an ongoing recall. The company, Takata, is resisting the demand. Five people have died as a result of the issue as the inflator can explode when the airbag deploys and send metal shards into the passenger compartment. The Japanese company has been scrutinized by U.S. Congress, but they're stating that the issue is only a danger in locations with high humidity. However, a woman from Minnesota was blinded last year when metal parts from a Takata airbag went into her face after a crash in a vehicle in question. The woman's family is demanding that the recall be expanded after her serious injury.

People who are injured due to a manufacturing defect may not even realize that the consumer injury was a result of poor design or bad manufacturing. Having a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding any accident to determine whether the manufacturer was at fault can be a key to being adequately compensated. The insurance companies don't want to pay any more than the minimum amount when a person is hurt, so it frequently comes down to pressure from victims and lobbying from governmental agencies to investigate what happened. These companies need to be held accountable if a design error led to a person being harmed or killed.

In the case of the Takata airbags, it's become a worldwide story that seems to be growing by the day. Despite the denials that the problem is widespread, strategies need to be undertaken to protect people outside a very limited area. The woman who was blinded alleges that she was hurt in a location that has not yet been subject to a recall. Those who believe they have been affected should speak to a legal professional experienced with automotive manufacturing issues.

Source: Minnesota.CBSLocal.com, "Airbag Manufacturer Defies U.S. Demand To Expand Recall," Angela Davis, Dec. 3, 2014

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