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Reporting a defective product and claiming product liability

When a new or old product no longer works, residents in Minnesota often consider whether they have recourses to deal with the broken or defective product. While dealing with a product that does not work properly or is broken could be frustrating because the product is necessary and could be costly, a defective product could also lead to consumer injury. When a product is improperly made, this could make it a dangerous product affecting numerous consumers.

In order to better address the issues surrounding dangerous products due to defects, the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC provided a platform for consumers to make reports to the federal agency about products that were defected or caused injuries or even death.

While it is their hope to ensure safety for customers and the ability to eliminate dangerous products from the market, companies responded to this public report database, claiming that it was a forum that was inviting the public to make phony accounts making fake claims to destroy the reputations of some companies. In response to this concern, the CPSC provided companies with the ability to respond within 10 days before a report is posted.

According to recent reports, these public forums to report defects and dangers associated with certain products have thus far not damaged the reputation of any manufacturers. In fact, it is argued that this public reporting database has resulted in safer products.

Although there are measures taken to help report and prevent defective products, consumers could become seriously injured by a defective product. In these matters, consumers should understand their legal remedies. Filing a product liability claim could help them recover compensation to cover injuries, damages and losses caused by the defective product.

Source: Start Tribune, "How to report an exploding casserole dish," James Eli Shiffer, Sept. 29, 2014

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