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November 2014 Archives

Fighting for Minnesota victims of defective drugs

Prescription medications are a very big business. Big pharmaceutical companies make huge profits on the medications they sell to Minnesota residents and their physicians. These medications can save lives and improve the quality of life for chronically ill patients. But sometimes an unsafe drug can cause serious injury or even death.

Reporting a defective product and claiming product liability

When a new or old product no longer works, residents in Minnesota often consider whether they have recourses to deal with the broken or defective product. While dealing with a product that does not work properly or is broken could be frustrating because the product is necessary and could be costly, a defective product could also lead to consumer injury. When a product is improperly made, this could make it a dangerous product affecting numerous consumers.

Understanding how construction defects occur and resolving them

Construction is a major part in society and residents in Minnesota often witness a new building or home being built or construction taken place on the roadways. No matter the reason for construction, it is important the certain standards are met. If the professional standard of care is not carried out, then design defects could occur. This could ultimately lead to construction defects that could be the cause for injuries and even substantial damages.

How to pursue litigation for defective construction materials

When people decide to have work done on their home or business in Hennepin and throughout the state, one of the basic beliefs is that the materials they're using will be of proper quality. However, it's not a guarantee that the items that are manufactured and purchase for construction use will not just be of high quality but will be safe as well. Construction defects can be dangerous and lead to injuries and illness for workers and people living in the building.

Keeping families safe from everyday products

No family wishes to see a child or other family member harmed by a defective product. In reality, people can be harmed by everyday consumer products they have in their homes and do not give much thought to. Globally, greater than 1 million children are killed by preventable injuries they have suffered because of a defective or dangerous product. Developed countries have been able to cut this statistic in half over the past quarter century through education, law enforcement and other safety measures, including product recalls, but dangers still exist. Product recalls occur when manufacturers work with the government to remove dangerous or defective products from the hands of consumers.