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What are the basic types of product defects?

When pursuing a product liability lawsuit in Minnesota and nationwide, one of the primary questions that must be answered is what type of defect did the product possess. There are three basic types of product defects.

First of all, a product could contain a design defect. This means that there was an inherent flaw in the product's design that made it unsafe.

Another type of defect is a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defects occur at some point when the product is being made. The design of the product may be safe, but some mistake may occur during the manufacturing process that causes the defect.

A third type of defect is a marketing defect. Marketing defects can include inadequate warnings, labeling mistakes and improper instructions.

Once the type of defect has been established, liability can apply to all parties that put the product into the stream of commerce and into the hands of unsuspecting consumers. These can include not only the designer and manufacturer of a product, but also the manufacturer of specific parts of the product, the retail store where the product was sold or even the product's wholesaler. In general, any injured person who could foreseeably have been injured by a product, whether they are the purchaser or not, may seek to hold the responsible parties accountable for the injuries they suffered due to the defective product.

Those injured by defective products deserve the right to seek compensation. With the right help, victims of defective products may be able to pursue the best avenue for recovery that meets their needs.

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