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Concern of consumer injury stems from ingredient in toothpaste

Consumers in Hennepin County may fear that one day they will discover a design defect in a product that they use on a daily basis. With certain food products, this is a constant concern. In some circumstances, consumer injury is an issue, and it takes an unexpected discovery to spur action to put a stop to the marketing of an unreasonably dangerous product.

A dental hygienist noticed that there were unusual substances in the mouths of patients at the dental office where she works. At first, she didn't know what the blue specks in patients' gum lines were. After a bit of research, she found that it was a plastic known as polyethylene. This is used in garbage bags, bulletproof vests and knee replacements. Companies manufacturing toothpaste use it as well. Several states have proposed bans on its use in dental products and soaps. This substance has the risk of causing gum problems. The manufacturer claims that the substance is used to improve the brushing experience, but they are in the process of removing it as an ingredient.

When there is an unreasonably dangerous product being sold to the public or something that has a design defect that makes it risky for use, the public has a right to know about it. In the event that this product has caused damage to those who have used it, they might have medical costs and the need for care after using it. In some instances, these products can do significant damage. Companies that cause consumer injury should be made to pay for such damage. Often, litigation is necessary via a product liability lawsuit before a victim gets compensation.

In this case, the manufacturer of the toothpaste had been putting a form of plastic in as an ingredient. The manufacturer is slowly removing it from the product, but for some the damage might have been done as dentists are of the belief that it can cause tooth problems. When there is a concern about a product that has done damage or might be dangerous, it's important to consider having legal representation.

Source: WXYZ.com, "P&G making ingredient changes after dentist finds plastic in Crest toothpaste, calls it dangerous," Maxim Alter, Sept. 16, 2014

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