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September 2014 Archives

Concern of consumer injury stems from ingredient in toothpaste

Consumers in Hennepin County may fear that one day they will discover a design defect in a product that they use on a daily basis. With certain food products, this is a constant concern. In some circumstances, consumer injury is an issue, and it takes an unexpected discovery to spur action to put a stop to the marketing of an unreasonably dangerous product.

Those who resell must be aware of unsafe products

Many people here in Minnesota are aware that there are protections afforded to members of the public when they use and are injured by unsafe products. In such cases, there are multiple legal avenues that can be pursued to address the damage caused, including a personal injury lawsuit and filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, which is a federal agency that helps protect the public from injuries and even death that can be associated with many dangerous and defective products.

What are the basic types of product defects?

When pursuing a product liability lawsuit in Minnesota and nationwide, one of the primary questions that must be answered is what type of defect did the product possess. There are three basic types of product defects.

Computer power cords cause fires and burns

Some consumer products can be dangerous. However, most Minnesota residents know to be careful when using these types of products -- including power tools, knifes, ladders and other products that carry inherent risks even when used correctly. However, other products don't carry these types of risk and people do not expect to get hurt while using them. Therefore, when injuries occur with these seemingly benign objects people can be thrown way off guard and not know how to react.