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Sausage recalled over inadequate safety warning

Many Minnesota residents may not think about food as being dangerous, but for people with food allergies, the wrong food can be deadly. In order to prevent accidents from occurring, companies that produce food are supposed to clearly label the product. These labels help those with food allergies determine whether or not they can eat a particular product or not. When these labels are forgotten, serious injuries can occur.

Recently, a company has had to recall sausage because it was improperly labeled. In this case, 82,440 pounds of the sausage was sent to institutions across the United States. However, during a routine label check of the product, investigators discovered that "hydrolyzed soy" was left off of the ingredients list. Hydrolyzed soy is a common known allergy and must be disclosed by the company.

In order to avoid injuries, the company has now recalled all the sausage. Without the label, those with soy allergies could suffer harm. The recalled sausage was manufactured from Jan. 1 to June 6, 2014. However, it was only sent to institutions. Therefore, it is not available for consumers to purchase in grocery stores.

Inadequate safety warns are a very big deal. They turn harmless food products into a potential danger. Thankfully, in this case, it seems like the product recall was issued before anyone was seriously hurt. However, often times recalls only come after injuries occur. In those cases, people who are injured by spoiled food products or products without proper safety labels have legal rights. With the right help, people can be compensated for the injuries they have suffered because of a manufacturer's oversight or error.

Source: Minnesota Farm Guide, "Wisconsin firm recalls sausage product," July 23, 2014

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