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Kraft Foods recalls 260 cases of Velveeta due to defect

Whether it is an essential everyday product or an item used occasionally, when a product is not properly made, a consumer could be greatly affected. A defective product could be the cause of consumer injury, leading to serious injuries or even death. When a company is aware of these defects or potential dangers, a product recall is issued. Despite this action, some consumers could still be harmed by these defects no matter how minimal or trivial they might appear.

After discovering a manufacturing error, Kraft Foods recently recalled 260 cases of Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe, which affected Wal-Mart stores in various states including Minnesota. Because the proper amount of preservative sorbic acid was not used, the product could spoil prematurely. Since the product could spoil before the expiration date marked on the product, consumers could suffer a food borne illness.

This recall affected the 32 ounce, or two-pound, cheese product. Consumers should note that the recall includes those dated 17 DEC 2014. If this recalled product harms a consumer they might have a civil action. A product liability claim could be filed in order to recover compensation for the damages that they suffered. Consumer injury could lead to medical expenses, lost wages and other damages, and a monetary award could alleviate these financial burdens.

When a product suffers a manufacturing defect, company should be aware of the harms that this defective product could cause. Issuing a recall could help prevent serious injuries or even death. Those affected by a recalled product should understand their rights and what options they have including a cause of action for damages.

Source: CBS 5, "Kraft Foods recalls 260 cases of Velveeta," Bill Rentschler, June 24, 2014

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