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FDA claims that acne products have inadequate safety warnings

Many Minnesota residents want to improve their appearance and they will go to great lengths to do so. Many companies have capitalized on this desire and have created beauty products that promise to make people feel and look better. These products are generally applied directly to a person's body or are consumed. Therefore, if these products are not properly designed or manufactured, there is a risk of injuries to the people using the products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently put out a warning for consumers about over-the-counter acne products. According to the FDA, these products can cause serious allergic reactions in some consumers. These reactions can cause serious symptoms including shortness of breath, collapsing, low blood pressure, wheezing and a tight throat in about 40 percent of cases. Others have reported swelling and hives as a result of using these acne products.

The FDA reports that 44 percent of the people who have reported an adverse reaction to these acne products have had to be hospitalized as a result. The FDA also reports that these products have inadequate safety warnings so consumers may be unaware of these potentially dangerous side effects. The FDA suggests that manufacturers warn about these potentially severe complications with the acne products and suggests that consumers test a small amount of the product before using it on large areas of skin.

Companies are expected to make safe products that are not going to cause injuries or illnesses in the people that use them. If products can be dangerous, companies should provide adequate safety warnings so that consumers can be prepared. If manufacturers do not take these simple steps to protect those using their products, the companies can be held liable. Compensation may be available for those that have been injured as a result of inadequate safety warnings, manufacturing defects or other defects under product liability laws.

Source: The Nation, "FDA warns acne products can be dangerous," July 13, 2014

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