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Defective pool light causes death of seven-year-old boy

Whether it is for necessity or for enjoyment, the list of items consumers purchase is endless. No matter the product, the consumer presumes that the item was properly made and will adequately work. In some cases, a defective product gets in the hands of an unsuspecting consumer. Whether it is a defect part or a manufacturing defect or error, this could result in a consumer death.

A claim was recently filed against a Minnesota-based company following a fatal accident involving a pool manufactured by the company. According to reports, a seven-year-old boy was electrocuted in a family pool, which was made by this company. In addition, the family is also filing a claim against the company that serviced the pool.

The family of the young boy alleges that the Minnesota Company, which made the pool light, was to blame for the tragic accident. They claim that they failed to use reasonable care when they designed, manufactured, tested and inspected the pool light used in their product.

When a defective product injures or kills a consumer, the loved ones of the deceased could file a product liability claim against the company at fault for the incident. This could allow them to recover compensation for the damage they suffered such as medical bills, funeral costs and pain and suffering.

For many consumers, various products appear to be safe and harmless, but these products could become the reason for an individual's injuries or even death. Those affected by a defective product should become knowledgeable about their situation so they can take appropriate action. Seeking advice about the process could help put the matter in perspective and allow them to understand what steps need to be taken to receive compensation for their losses and damages.

Source: NBC Miami, "Family of Electrocuted 7-Year-Old Sues Pool Companies," June 25, 2014

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