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July 2014 Archives

FDA claims that acne products have inadequate safety warnings

Many Minnesota residents want to improve their appearance and they will go to great lengths to do so. Many companies have capitalized on this desire and have created beauty products that promise to make people feel and look better. These products are generally applied directly to a person's body or are consumed. Therefore, if these products are not properly designed or manufactured, there is a risk of injuries to the people using the products.

Kraft Foods recalls 260 cases of Velveeta due to defect

Whether it is an essential everyday product or an item used occasionally, when a product is not properly made, a consumer could be greatly affected. A defective product could be the cause of consumer injury, leading to serious injuries or even death. When a company is aware of these defects or potential dangers, a product recall is issued. Despite this action, some consumers could still be harmed by these defects no matter how minimal or trivial they might appear.

Defective pool light causes death of seven-year-old boy

Whether it is for necessity or for enjoyment, the list of items consumers purchase is endless. No matter the product, the consumer presumes that the item was properly made and will adequately work. In some cases, a defective product gets in the hands of an unsuspecting consumer. Whether it is a defect part or a manufacturing defect or error, this could result in a consumer death.