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Minnesota company recalls solar panels due to defects

Various products are utilized and are important for everyday use. Consumers could face risks and dangers if there was an error in the design or in the manufacturing of the product. Manufacturing defects could cause a product to malfunction and become useless to the consumer. Moreover, these defects could lead to consumer injuries or cause serious problems to other products it interacts with.

After discovering manufacturing defects in some of the newer solar panels made, Silicon Energy was forced to shutdown production of the Minnesota-made panels. This not only caused a delay in the installation of the product but could result in replacement of solar arrays.

Back in late 2012, the company told customers that some of its panels began to develop cracks and even discoloration on the sides. This affected around 20 to 30 percent of the units, although they believe that this defect does not affect the safety of the product of the amount of electrical output the solar panels could provide.

Because these defects are only detected in this generation of panels and not with the older models, it was established that a manufacturing error was made in this set of panels. This resulted in a recall being made and hundreds of solar panels will need to be replaced due to their warranty. Due to these defects and delay in production, some parks within the state have endured damages.

Whether a consumer suffers injuries or damages because of a manufacturing defect, they could file a cause of action to recover compensation for their losses and damages. A products liability suit could provide the consumer with a monetary award to cover these associated expenses.

Those dealing with a defective or recalled product should understand their options in the situation. Seeking guidance about their legal remedies could help an individual properly go through the process in a timely matter that will benefit their interests and protect their rights.

Source: Star Tribune, "Some Silicon Energy panels made in Minnesota are cracking, discolored," David Shaffer, June 13, 2014

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