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GM recalls 105,688 vehicles in latest round of product recalls

Minnesotans rely on a variety of products almost every single day of their lives. From couches, to phones, to food and baby products, people may not even think about all the work that goes into designing and manufacturing the products that they use so frequently. In each case, people just trust that their products are going to work the way they are supposed to and make their lives easier.

While this is often the case, sometimes things can go very wrong. When a defective product hits the market, people can be seriously injured. When the product already carries risks, a manufacturing defect can easily create an unreasonably dangerous product.

Cars and trucks carry some risks to Minnesota residents. There are the risks of accidents and injuries if other drivers do not follow traffic safety rules. However, for some residents manufacturing defects can also be a source of danger - particularly in several General Motors vehicles.

Recently, GM has announced another round of product recalls on some of their cars and trucks. In total, the company has had to issue 34 recalls involving 13.9 million cars and trucks in the United States this year alone. The four most recent recalls cover more than 105,000 cars and trucks around the world. These recalls deal with problems with ignition switches and airbags. These problems have been attributed to 13 deaths.

The largest of the newer recalls is present in GM heavy-duty trucks - the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado. According to reports, a defect in the radio switch prevents some trucks from alerting drivers to potential hazards including leaving keys in the ignition with an open door or the driver not wearing a seatbelt. Another recall involves problems with the drivers' side airbags. Reports claim that in several GM models the airbags are not deploying which could lead to serious injuries or death in case of an accident.

People who are injured by defective products, like these GM vehicles, should make sure they understand their legal rights. People may be entitled to compensation for the injuries suffered as a result of the defect.

Source: Reuters, "GM sets four more recalls, covering over 105,000 vehicles," June 6, 2014

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