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Asbestos based product a problem for Minnesota homeowners

Minnesota residents expect that their homes and businesses are structurally sound. They need buildings to withstand the difficult and ever changing weather conditions that Minnesota has to offer. Furthermore, people expect the materials used on their property be free from defects that could cause damage to the building or to its occupants.

When construction material defects are present people can suffer both physical and financial harm. Materials that are unsafe or defective can lead to issues with mold, water damage, serious health concerns and other serious issues.

One such defective construction material is transite asbestos. Transite asbestos was commonly used as a material in flues that vented appliances that run on gas including water heaters, boilers and furnaces. In addition to the dangers -- including the cancer mesothelioma -- that asbestos can cause, this product has also been known to flake apart over time. This flaking can cause structural damage that leads the flues to collapse in on themselves. Furthermore, the flakes can block the flue and trap dangerous gas which could then build up inside the home. Homes and businesses with transite asbestos flues may need extensive repairs in order to make the home safe.

People who have suffered damage from defective construction materials -- including transite asbestos -- in Minnesota need to be aware of their legal rights. Under product liability laws, the manufactures of these products may be financially responsible for the costs caused by the defect. By exercising their legal rights, Minnesotans are ensuring that they have the financial resources available to fix the damage caused by the defective product and keep themselves and their families safe.

Source: Star Tribune, "Transite Asbestos Flues," Reuben Saltzman, June 12, 2014

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