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June 2014 Archives

Minnesota company recalls solar panels due to defects

Various products are utilized and are important for everyday use. Consumers could face risks and dangers if there was an error in the design or in the manufacturing of the product. Manufacturing defects could cause a product to malfunction and become useless to the consumer. Moreover, these defects could lead to consumer injuries or cause serious problems to other products it interacts with.

Asbestos based product a problem for Minnesota homeowners

Minnesota residents expect that their homes and businesses are structurally sound. They need buildings to withstand the difficult and ever changing weather conditions that Minnesota has to offer. Furthermore, people expect the materials used on their property be free from defects that could cause damage to the building or to its occupants.

GM recalls 105,688 vehicles in latest round of product recalls

Minnesotans rely on a variety of products almost every single day of their lives. From couches, to phones, to food and baby products, people may not even think about all the work that goes into designing and manufacturing the products that they use so frequently. In each case, people just trust that their products are going to work the way they are supposed to and make their lives easier.

Consumers sue over defective garden hose

It's gardening season in Minnesota. The weather is finally warm enough for people to come outside and work in their yards. One handy gardening tool that many people need is a good hose. While there are many variety of hoses available, a popular option has been a pocket hose. This hose is smaller, light-weight and made of a fabric material. It is supposed to be easier to store and use when compared with traditional rubber hoses. Therefore, pocket hoses have been sold to millions of consumers who are interested in making gardening easier.