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Minnesota rains flooding basements and causing damage

After a stretch of very wet weather, many Minnesotans are likely happy to see a little sunshine. While the weather is annoying for most, it can also be destructive. In many places around Minneapolis basements are flooding as homes cannot keep all the water out. Experts say that the most common cause of a wet basement is a blocked downspout or poor grade, but other causes are possible.

For one Minnesota woman, defective drain tile caused water to leak into her home. According to reports, the drain tile had been placed when the house was built. However, as the water table became saturated with several days of heavy rain, the water began to pool on the woman's driveway, the road near her home and eventually in her basement. She had to call professionals into to stop the leaking and clean up the damage.

It is important to stop leaking water in order to prevent damage within the home. Wet basements can cause a variety of issues including damage to roofing and ruined flooring. Water in a basement can also encourage mold growth within a home.

When water damage is the result of defective construction materials - as was the case for this woman - people need to know that they have legal rights. While insurance may cover some of the costs associated with the damage, other times, people are left with a huge bill and an even bigger mess.

Through a civil suit, people can receive compensation when they have suffered from water intrusion and mold. Construction defects including problems with the drainage and grading can be traced back to negligent builders and contractors that worked on the projects. In other cases, manufacturers may be held responsible for defective construction materials that didn't work like they should. Through this wet season, Minnesota residents need to keep these rights in mind when they suffer unexpected damage.

Source: WCCO, "Soaking Rains Cause Basement Flooding In Twin Cities," Reg Chapman, April 28, 2014

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