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Minnesota company settles suits over defective product

Recently, this blog warned readers about a new report from the FDA that suggested that a Minnesota company's urological devices were defective and could cause damage to consumers. Now, new reports have surfaced that the same company -- Endo International -- has settled various lawsuits over another defective product. Endo International is the parent company to Minnetonka, Minnesota based American Medical Systems Inc.

The suits involving American Medical Systems Inc. and other manufactures owned by Endo claim that vaginal mesh products were dangerous to women who had the medical devices installed. These women sued claiming that the products degraded over time causing serious medical issues. In some cases, women needed multiple surgeries to correct the damage caused by the products.

Under the terms of the alleged settlement, Endo will pay $830 million to thousands of women who have sued over serious injuries caused by the vaginal mesh. The settlement will cover around 20,000 suits. In these cases, women will receive around $40,000 each. However, in more severe cases where multiple surgeries were required to repair damage caused by the vaginal mesh, the women would qualify for more money.

Even with this settlement, there is additional litigation over these defective products. In fact, a case is set to start in a Minnesota court in the near future. However, the company has made it clear that they are interested in settling these cases and putting the litigation behind them.

When unreasonably dangerous products cause consumer injuries in Minnesota, people need to know their legal rights. Companies are responsible for making sure that the products they are selling are free from both design and manufacturing defects. When products cause serious injuries -- like in the vaginal mesh cases -- consumers may be entitled to compensation.

Source: Star Tribune, "Endo settles mesh lawsuits for $830M," Steve Alexander, May 2, 2014

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