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May 2014 Archives

Hummus and dips recalled from Minnesota stores

In today's society, many Minnesota residents are very conscious about the types of food they are eating. People read labels, eat organically, avoid certain chemicals and stick to special diets. All in all, people want what is best for them and for their families.

Small magnets finally being recalled after legal battle

Children are some of Minnesota's most valuable assets. They are the future and need protection. Parents and guardians will often do everything they can to keep children safe from harm. Minnesotans often trust that the products they have in their homes will be safe for their children, especially those designed to be toys. However, every now and then, poorly designed products hit the marketplace and lead to serious injuries to consumers - including to children.

Minnesota company settles suits over defective product

Recently, this blog warned readers about a new report from the FDA that suggested that a Minnesota company's urological devices were defective and could cause damage to consumers. Now, new reports have surfaced that the same company -- Endo International -- has settled various lawsuits over another defective product. Endo International is the parent company to Minnetonka, Minnesota based American Medical Systems Inc.

Minnesota rains flooding basements and causing damage

After a stretch of very wet weather, many Minnesotans are likely happy to see a little sunshine. While the weather is annoying for most, it can also be destructive. In many places around Minneapolis basements are flooding as homes cannot keep all the water out. Experts say that the most common cause of a wet basement is a blocked downspout or poor grade, but other causes are possible.

FDA warns of defects caused by Minnesota company

Minnesotans trust their doctors to give them the best available treatment for illnesses and diseases that are available. Medical devices have come a long way in the past few decades in making peoples' lives more comfortable and healthy. However, not every medical product created is safe. Some defective products have the potential to cause serious injuries and even death.