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Consumer suffers allergic reaction, company recalls candy

If you’ve never had a food allergy, it’s likely that the specific ingredients of food products you buy aren’t of high importance. But for someone who has suffered the consequences of ingesting a food they are allergic to, it can be extremely important, sometimes even a matter of life or death.

Take, for example, a person who has a peanut allergy. For some with this allergy, the symptoms are minor, such as an irritation. But for others, it can lead to a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis. Depending on the person, even a tiny bit of ingested peanut could be dangerous.

With this in mind, we can understand the seriousness of a recent recall of chocolate that may contain peanuts. The heart-shaped box of chocolates, made by Fannie May Confections, holds eight chocolates. One of those chocolates reportedly has peanuts in it. While this is typically reflected in the ingredients on the back of the box, this product does not name peanuts as an ingredient.

The boxes were sold since January 10 in seven states, including Minnesota. They are recalling 12,000 boxes that were sold at Walgreens, Jewel Grocers and Hallmark Gift Shops.

According to Fanny May, they know of only one allergic reaction case so far. It will be important to watch for any developments in this case. The chocolates were marketed for Valentine’s Day, yet the recall was made almost a week after the holiday. It is likely that those who received the chocolates as a gift have already eaten them or plan to eat them in the near future.

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