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Woman files wrongful death suit for defective product mishap

A Minnesota woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after a defective product mishap reportedly led to the death of her baby. In a bizarre and tragic turn of events, the pregnant woman was testing chairs for purchase in a local TJ Maxx store when the chair she was sitting in collapsed. Despite seeking medical attention after the fall, the woman later learned that her baby had died in utero. She claims that the defective product contributed to the death.

The wrongful death lawsuit details the specifics of the incident, which includes the claim that the woman felt a sharp pain after the fall. She says that she had discomfort in the stomach and leg. She then went to the hospital to seek medical attention, and doctors apparently confirmed the viability of the pregnancy and the health of the baby. A few days later, she claims that the baby stopped moving. Further examination proved that the baby had died.

The woman was approximately eight months pregnant when the accident happened. After the it was found that the baby had died, she delivered a still-born baby. Because of the advanced age of the fetus, it is possible that a court will agree with her wrongful death suit and award her compensation.

The Minnesota woman is seeking unspecified damages from the TJ Maxx chains of stores. The lawsuit claims that the baby would not have died if not for the defective product. In order for financial relief to be considered, there must be sufficient proof that the store is liable. If that is satisfactorily established in court, specific claims for reimbursement of financial losses will be determined.

Source: southtownstar.suntimes.com, Suit: Woman lost fetus after mishap at store, No author, Jan. 24, 2014

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