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January 2014 Archives

Woman files wrongful death suit for defective product mishap

A Minnesota woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after a defective product mishap reportedly led to the death of her baby. In a bizarre and tragic turn of events, the pregnant woman was testing chairs for purchase in a local TJ Maxx store when the chair she was sitting in collapsed. Despite seeking medical attention after the fall, the woman later learned that her baby had died in utero. She claims that the defective product contributed to the death.

Disclosing real estate defects

When you buy a home or other residential real estate, Minnesota, and most other states require that the seller disclose any defects in the property that could damage the home or the buyer use of the property. One of the most common problems is water intrusion, caused by leaks in a roof or basement.

The Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health

Fifty years ago tomorrow, one of the most significant events in the history of consumer protection occurred. The U.S. Surgeon General, Luther Terry issued a report that linked cigarette smoking to lung cancer and heart disease. The report was so significant that it had to be released on Saturday to avoid causing ripples in the stock market.

Trex decks and fencing products class action lawsuit settled

Many consumers in Minnesota and across the United States use decking materials from a popular brand, known as Trex, to enhance their patios and homes. Some of them may qualify for compensation after a court recently approved a settlement in a nationwide class-action lawsuit against the company. Certain Trex brand decks and fencing products were reportedly found to be prone to color variation and fading, as well as the growth of mold.