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Defective product recalls may save babies, children from injury

Minnesota parents rely on the products they purchase for their children to be safe. However, if an item proves to be faulty or dangerous, it could cause serious injuries or even death. As soon as manufacturers are made aware of a defective product, it is often pulled from the shelves. Two companies recently recalled products for babies and children as a result of defects that may cause injury. In one case, injuries have already been reported.

Parents who have purchased a Playtex hip hammock infant carrier have been advised to stop using it and contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. These carriers, which are sold in stores such as Walmart, Burlington Coat Factory and Target, have buckles on the straps that may crack and break. This could result in babies falling out of the carrier. Playtex has received 87 complaints about this issue so far, as well as two reports of injuries.

Edoche, the company that manufactures Cubetensils, has recalled its fork and spoon sets for children after reports that the handles have detached. This creates a potential choking hazard, but there have been no injuries reported yet. Parents have been advised to keep the utensils away from their children and contact the company for a refund.

When a company is proactive in recalling a defective product, many lives can potentially be saved. However, Minnesota parents whose children have sustained injury as a result of a product defect may wish to look into what recourse may be available under our state's products liability law. In some cases, parents may be able to seek compensation through a civil suit to cover medical costs and other damages resulting from their child's injury. In addition, pursuing such a claim may send a strong message to manufacturers that they need to have better quality control standards when it comes to products for babies and children.

Source: digtriad.com, Recall Alert: Infant Carriers And Children's Eating Utensils, No author, Dec. 19, 2013

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