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December 2013 Archives

Defective product recalls may save babies, children from injury

Minnesota parents rely on the products they purchase for their children to be safe. However, if an item proves to be faulty or dangerous, it could cause serious injuries or even death. As soon as manufacturers are made aware of a defective product, it is often pulled from the shelves. Two companies recently recalled products for babies and children as a result of defects that may cause injury. In one case, injuries have already been reported.

There's an elevator uniquely dangerous to children

There are an estimated 125,000 in residential homes or buildings across the nation. They are a hot item, with approximately 5,000 sold per year in the recent past. They have also caused a significant number of injuries to children; in a portion of only two east coast states from the years 1983 to 1993, there were 34 children injured or killed by this dangerous product. Yet, few people know of the risk for child injury.

Toyota begins intensive talks to settle sudden-acceleration cases

Toyota announced that it was moving into a more intensive stage of talks designed to settle the hundreds unintended acceleration cases currently pending against the automaker. The automaker, still the world's largest, has been struggling to disentangle itself from the legal and public relations quagmire that developed after incidents of sudden accelerations began to plague its cars.

Large Risperdal settlement sends a message

Last month, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) agreed to pay the largest-ever legal settlement amount related to the sale of a single medication. The company has pled guilty to a misbranding misdemeanor charge and will pay over two billion dollars in response to a high-profile investigation into its marketing approach for the drug Risperdal. It is hoped that other pharmaceutical manufacturers will now refrain from improperly marketing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs because they will have learned from J&J’s missteps.

CertainTeed settles defective siding class action

Home owners in Minnesota and across the nation who sided their homes with CertainTeed fiber cement siding may receive some compensation from the settlement of a class-action lawsuit that was settled last month. CertainTeed, a building materials manufacturer based in Pennsylvania, announced the settlement of the federal class action case from George and agreed to pay $103 million.