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Class action filed over defective window construction

When you build or buy a home, you have to have a fair degree of trust. Trust that your builder, the contractors and their employees know what they are doing and complete the job correctly. Because, here in Minnesota, a home has to withstand a great many weather extremes. From 20 degrees below zero in the winter to 105 degrees in the summer, your roof, framing, foundation and many other systems face a great deal of stress.

So you also have to trust the products your builder chooses to use in the construction of your home. However, that trust is not always earned, and a builder may use shoddy workmanship or defective construction materials to save money. While it may save them money, anyone faced with the prospect of repairing water damage from a leaky roof or windows, or dealing with a defective foundation understands the true costs of such decisions.

A class action lawsuit was filed last month against the window manufactured Pella involving windows they sold throughout the United States. Windows provide to very basic functions in a home. The keep the weather, rain, snow, wind, outside the structure and they allow the air conditioning and heating systems to maintain the owner's chosen temperature within the home.

According to the filing, the windows leaked, which permitted water to get into the walls and cause rot and other deterioration. As you can imagine, replacing windows and repairing damage to load-bearing walls can be very expensive for the homeowner.

The lawsuit claims the damages exceed $5 million dollars for the class of homeowners. While you may be excited to move into your new home, you need to be vigilant for these types of defective construction materials in any home.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, "Pa. couple files products liability class action against Pella Corp. over defective windows," Jon Campisi, November 1, 2013 

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