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Sport supplement contains meth-like ingredient

The makers of Craze, a pre-workout supplement, have halted production of the popular supplement after reports that the product may be dangerous for consumers. Driven Sports, the maker of the supplement, said they stopped selling and manufacturing the supplement over concerns that it may contain dangerous ingredients. 

The move came after tests found that the supplement contained ingredients similar to methamphetamine, and that the supplement could be very risky for individuals to consume. This was after two different scientific studies reported that Craze contained a chemical ingredient similar to methamphetamine. 

The scientists said that this chemical ingredient was not listed on the product's label, and they do not know how it impacts humans as it has never been studied before. Because of this, they said the supplement could be defective and very dangerous for consumers. 

After the reports that the supplement contains a dangerous ingredient, some retail stores stopped selling the product. However, Craze was still being sold online and in certain retail stores like GNC until the manufacturer halted production. 

The fact that the supplement continued to be sold is very disturbing and could mean that many consumers' were at risk for suffering the unknown side effects of the ingredients found in the supplement. 

The Food and Drug Administration has not issued a comment on the safety of this product due to the previous government shutdown. However, if previous studies have shown that there is a dangerous chemical ingredient in this product, consumers may be able to pursue legal action against the manufacturer if they suffer complications or health issues due to taking the supplement. 

Source: USA Today, "Maker of Craze suspends production of sports supplement," Alison Young, Oct. 16, 2013

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