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October 2013 Archives

Salmonella outbreak in Minneapolis tied to pork

When people speak of quality of life, they often mean amenities, like good roads and schools, nice neighborhoods, great restaurants and a thriving arts community. However, many of the most important items that allow for a high quality of life involve a healthy food and water supply. Most Minnesotans and most Americans take for granted the food they buy in stores and restaurants is safe and will not make them sick.

Court to decide if court can hear case of Chinese drywall

The saga of the defective Chinese drywall has continues with yet another appeal. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear a case involving the question of jurisdiction of the U.S. courts over a case involving the defective construction material.

Sport supplement contains meth-like ingredient

The makers of Craze, a pre-workout supplement, have halted production of the popular supplement after reports that the product may be dangerous for consumers. Driven Sports, the maker of the supplement, said they stopped selling and manufacturing the supplement over concerns that it may contain dangerous ingredients. 

Chicken plants not closed in salmonella outbreak

This week the U.S. Department of Agriculture threatened to close two poultry slaughterhouses in California in connection with an outbreak of salmonella in chicken produce from Foster Farms' facilities, but then company met a USDA deadline with plans to fix the safety problems in the plants.

Shutdown means less monitoring of foodborne disease

When people think about defective products, they may think of things like electric heaters that have faulty wiring, overheat and catch fire, a lawn mower with a defective blade, or a car with defective brakes. But they often forget that one of the consumer products that we most often come in contact with that can be defective are food products.