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September 2013 Archives

Contaminated cantaloupe lead to criminal charges

Cases involving food contamination are rarely prosecuted by the criminal justice system. Typically, a great deal of the "enforcement" of the food safety laws is done by private attorneys working for people who were injured by the food borne illness that was a result of  the food contamination.

Defective dehumidifiers cause $2.15 million in property damage

Our homes are filled with dozens of appliances that make our lives easier, from basic, like refrigerators, stoves, washing machines and dryers to complex, like computers, home theater systems and automatic espresso machines. Virtually all of them operate by electrical power, and many of them, like the refrigerator or central heating and air conditioning, operate 24/7, often with little human supervision.

Is Rover's food contaminated?

Food contaminated with bacteria has caused widespread infection and illness in many incidents over the last few decades. Most recently, an outbreak in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska was tied to salad mix imported from Mexico and served at a corporate chain of restaurants. Other recent incidents involved peanut butter or ground beef. However, the contamination is not limited to the human food supply.

Stuffed toy could create monstrous problems

Although every consumer product should go through some form of testing to best ensure safety, items that are designed for small children should go through particularly rigorous inspections. Because kids often don't have the capability to determine what is safe or unsafe, they can be harmed by products that pose little threat to adults. Knowing this, parents should be aware of a recent product recall involving a stuffed animal.