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August 2013 Archives

FDA finds seven percent of spices carry salmonella

In Minnesota, industrialized, large-scale farming, centralized food processing and international agricultural distribution has brought many benefits, aside from massive profits for some multinational corporations, in dizzyingly large and diverse food supply that is remarkably inexpensive. However, it also comes at price that is often paid by those that harvest or grow the products, and by consumers in terms of quality and food safety. 

Construction defects leave builder's profits all wet

The funny thing about homes is that even though they are the most expensive single item most people in Minnesota, or anywhere else will purchase in their lifetime, they often come with virtually no instructions or warranty for construction defects. Buy a toaster, you get a 10-page instruction manual, warning not to plug it in while you are in the bathtub and it probably comes with a 90-day or 1-year warranty.

Supplier of cyclospora contaminated greens stops production

The company linked with the outbreak of cyclospora in Nebraska and Iowa, Taylor Farms de Mexico, has stopped production and shipments of the salad greens that are believed to be the source of the illness. By the August 9, more than 500 cases of cyclospora have occurred in 18 states, including some in Minnesota. Texas has had the highest number of infections, as 215.

Usher's son saved from swimming pool drowning

The five-year-old son of pop entertainer Usher narrowly escaped death in a home swimming pool in Atlanta, after being trapped by the suction created by the pool drain. The child was rescued by a contractor working on the home, after the adults supervising the child in the pool were unable to get him out of the pool. The boy was taken to the hospital is appears to have suffered no lasting injury.

Bagged salad suspected in food illness outbreak

With outbreaks of food contamination, it can be difficult to determine the source an illness. A recent outbreak of cyclospora has affected 397 people in 16 states. Iowa and Nebraska authorities have reported that they have linked the illness to bagged salad mix, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still "working to determine" if the bagged salad is the cause.