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Recall issued for replacement computer batteries

There are many people who rely upon the convenience provided by laptop computers each day. Whether they are working remotely or simply passing time while away from home, these devices allow users to always be connected.

Most of these computers perform their tasks as designed; however, there have been several high-profile cases where users have been injured due to defective products. A recent recall of a laptop battery was made after several reported fires had occurred while the batteries were charging.

The batteries were sold by Best Buy and Partstore.com to be used in MacBook Pro laptops as replacements for the originals that came with the computers. The batteries were manufactured overseas, and imported by a company in Las Vegas. They are all marked with the manufacture’s name, ATG, and have information about the Macs that can be used with the products listed on the labels.

The recall is being issued because there have been 13 reported fires attributed to computers that use these batteries, which led to serious injuries for one individual. The recall suggests that people should stop using these devices immediately, and return them to the store of purchase. The defective products were sold from September 2008 to June of 2012.

This serves as another reminder to individuals about some of the dangers that can result when products fail to perform as intended. Those that use these devices would have little to no warning that such a problem was imminent.

Individuals that have been injured due to a defective product may wish to speak to an experienced attorney about their possible claims. It will be important to review the facts to determine what happened, and to learn who may be held responsible for causing these injuries.

Source: ConsumerAffairs.com, “ATG replacement batteries for MacBook Pro recalled,” James Limbach, June 21, 2013. 

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