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More children being injured by falling televisions

Television can be hazardous to your children's health. No, we are not speaking about their mental health and that watching too many hours of junky television shows will turn their brains into mush. No, we mean their physical health. A recent study has found that 17,000 children are injured in the U.S. every year by televisions falling on them.

There appear to be a combination of factors at work here. Newer flat panel TVs are much lighter and less stable than older, boxy cathode ray televisions. This means that small children are capable of tipping them over and receiving a serious injury

Another factor is there are more televisions, with more than half of all homes having three or more units. In addition, as older, heavy cathode ray TVs are retired, they may be placed in locations, like the tops of dressers, bookshelves and chest of drawers that are not designed to hold these units.

According to the study, the group of children most likely to be injured was boys younger than five-years-old. The children often suffered soft tissue damage, but 13 percent of injures to the five and younger group were concussions.

It is important to prevent these injuries by not using TVs on bedroom furniture that is not designed to support a TV. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that 45 percent of child deaths related to tipping furniture occur in bedrooms.

Furniture that can tip needs to be secured to walls, to prevent these injuries to small children

Source: USNews.com, “TVs Toppling Onto Tots at Alarming Rate, Study Finds,” Brenda Goodman, July 22, 2013

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