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A shower of M&Ms isn't as pleasant as one might think

Standing beneath a rainfall of chocolate, candy-coated M&Ms sounds like a dream. The image comes straight out of a commercial where a person is shown twirling around with their face to the sky while they are showered in little rainbow drops of candy color.

While this may seem like a dream to any young child -- and probably a secret desire of some adults -- a candy shower is not as pleasant as one might think. Just ask a 42-year-old woman who was standing below a Toys R Us candy dispenser filled with baby blue M&Ms when it fell.

The woman had been on vacation with her husband and her two children. They had seen some of the best that New York had to offer, including "The Lion King," observing St. Patrick's Cathedral and a quick stop to Toys R Us, where the vacation took a very different turn.

It wasn't just the 25 pounds of the display itself but also the weight of the candy that fell on her, twisting her neck. She said that immediately her "vision went black for a couple of seconds."

Later, the woman began getting excruciating headaches. A doctor determined that she had a herniated disk that affected her ability to work, causing the family to go without her income during that period.

The family has already settled with the manufacturer of the M&Ms. A lawsuit against Toys R Us in the family's home state determined that the staff at the toy store was not negligent in causing the incident. A second lawsuit was filed against the maker of the candy dispenser itself for a defective design.

Whether visiting in another state or while on an errand at home in Minnesota, an injury caused by a defective design could be the basis of a products liability lawsuit.

Source: NY Daily News, "M&M's meltdown: 25 pounds of the candy fell onto NYC tourist, lawsuit says," John Marzulli, June 30, 2013

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