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Who knew patio season comes with explosion danger?

It was a long winter this year for Minnesotans. After the snow finally ended in May -- yes May -- it seemed as though the cold weather just wouldn't go away. Well, it finally seems to be disappearing and the state is beginning to green up. This means that the lawnmowers are going again, the grills are getting cleaned and the patio sets are being uncovered.

When the wind picks up it is nice to have a heavy patio set, but some people don't want a clunky set just because it won't blow away. The solution for these people is often a glass-top patio set, but some consumers across the nation are reporting that these sets are unexpectedly exploding.

The glass is not lighting on fire, but instead several reports have been made that the glass has suddenly shattered without warning. These patio sets are actually made of tempered glass, said one glass shop owner. The reason why is that when they do break, the tempered glass is designed to break in a bunch of little pieces that pose less of a risk for cutting injuries. 

That's all well and good said one mom, but she was still concerned about the danger that the explosion poses for children. She knows from personal experience what an exploding glass top looks like. Her children were outside when her patio glass crashed to the ground. From inside, it sounded like a heavy metal door had slammed against the ground. 

She said that safety is a number one priority when it concerns her kids. "You want to go purchase something and not have to worry about your kids playing out back without you and being able to pull them out from underneath the table that's exploding," she explained. 

For a product to be considered safe for use, all design aspects need to be safe. A design defect can exist even where other safety measures are taken. If you or a loved one has been injured by what you think is a defective or dangerous product, it is important that you consult with a products liability attorney who can help assess your claim. 

Source: AZ Family, "Exploding patio tables worry consumers," Gary Harper, June 6, 2013

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