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Girl's sandals recalled due to choking hazard

A fun part of being a parent is watching your children grow and mature. Babies are cute and cuddly and toddlers and young children, especially young girls, are especially cute. They have many choices of cute clothing and accessories. Clothing, shoes, hats and purses, may all be embroidered or ornamented with all sorts of flowers, animals and other shapes. While parents choose this clothing for its ability to make their children adorable, there is something else to consider. If the cute ornament comes off, could it choke your child?

 The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall of Stride Rite's “Joanna” girl’s sandal as a defective product because of the danger that a metal flower on the sandal can detach and become a choking hazard. According to the CPSC, the sandals have an ankle strap and three toe straps with a flower on top. The metal flower has become detached in six incidents and loose in eleven incidents. 

No children have been injured by these sandals at the time of the recall, and we can be thankful that the product has been taken off the market before something that tragic occurs.

While some may deem it as being overly cautious, small children are inherently curious, and for some, placing virtually every small object into their mouths, is an essential part of their ongoing exploration of their world.

No parent wants to find their child has become the index case, and that the child's death provides the lever to force an agency like the CPSC to act. Be thankful someone is cautious, as many attempt to become rich by reckless acts. 

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, "Stride Rite Recalls Girl’s Sandals Due to Choking Hazard," June 13, 2013

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