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June 2013 Archives

Girl's sandals recalled due to choking hazard

A fun part of being a parent is watching your children grow and mature. Babies are cute and cuddly and toddlers and young children, especially young girls, are especially cute. They have many choices of cute clothing and accessories. Clothing, shoes, hats and purses, may all be embroidered or ornamented with all sorts of flowers, animals and other shapes. While parents choose this clothing for its ability to make their children adorable, there is something else to consider. If the cute ornament comes off, could it choke your child?

Hepatitis A linked to frozen berry mix

We read the variety of health claims made for food products, each one suggesting that they hold the key to keeping us healthy and preventing disease and other ailments. From supplements to various combinations of "natural" foods, a multi-billion dollar industry has grown up to provide an ever changing, kaleidoscope of foods and supplements for our tables. But sometimes the healthful food is full of something else, and these incidents can result in product liability lawsuits.

Who knew patio season comes with explosion danger?

It was a long winter this year for Minnesotans. After the snow finally ended in May -- yes May -- it seemed as though the cold weather just wouldn't go away. Well, it finally seems to be disappearing and the state is beginning to green up. This means that the lawnmowers are going again, the grills are getting cleaned and the patio sets are being uncovered.