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Plaintiff names drug manufacturer and pharmacy in Actos lawsuit

When plaintiffs file a pharmaceutical liability claim, they often have to go up against large and powerful companies that will do nearly everything in their power to deny responsibility for damages and limit payouts to injured parties. This can be the case even when negligence on the part of the pharmaceutical company seems to be clear as crystal.  A successful pharmaceutical liability lawsuit always requires careful planning and a sound legal strategy for proving negligence.

Minnesotans may have heard of the drug Actos and the thousands of lawsuits currently underway over the drug's dangerous side effects. In particular, it is believed that Actos, which is a diabetes medication, actually causes bladder cancer, and the drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals is accused of failing to inform patients about the medication's dangerous effects.

A case in West Virginia offers some details that are typical of an Actos lawsuit. The plaintiff currently suffers from bladder cancer, and he says he never would have taken Actos if he had known about the dangers associated with it. His lawsuit names Takeda and a pharmacy as defendants in the case.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration told Takeda to create documents that pharmacists could give to patients to learn more about the risk of taking Actos, but the plaintiff in this case says the pharmacy failed to provide those documents. The plaintiff says the pharmacy even altered the packaging of the drug and gave him misleading information.

There is no denying that modern medical advancements have greatly benefited people the world over, but there is also no denying that drug manufacturers have a legal obligation to protect consumers from dangerous side effects. Twin Cities residents with dangerous drug concerns would do well to consult with a product liability attorney and find out the available legal options. 

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Actos litigation hits small business," John O'Brien, May 9, 2013

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