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May 2013 Archives

Table saw industry battles safety device

Table saws are inherently dangerous. A saw blade consists of carbide-tipped disk, spinning at 3,000-5,000 rpm, pulling lumber into the blade as it goes. And too often, the operator's fingers and hands. Sure, most saws come with a "blade guard," but many woodworkers and carpenters remove them, because they impede the use of the saw or cannot be used on certain types of cuts. But saw manufacturers have found that the blade guard is more effective at preventing liability for defective product design lawsuits than they are at protecting a user's fingers.

Portable asbestos detector under development

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used in numerous industrial and household uses for decades. It was used because of its fireproofing and insulating characteristics and became embedded in the very fabric, and hundreds other places in our homes and our daily lives. Asbestos was used to manufacture floor and ceiling tiles, shingles, pipe insulation, wrapping heating and cooling ducts and electrical insulation. It was even used in potholders and tea cozies.

Plaintiff names drug manufacturer and pharmacy in Actos lawsuit

When plaintiffs file a pharmaceutical liability claim, they often have to go up against large and powerful companies that will do nearly everything in their power to deny responsibility for damages and limit payouts to injured parties. This can be the case even when negligence on the part of the pharmaceutical company seems to be clear as crystal.  A successful pharmaceutical liability lawsuit always requires careful planning and a sound legal strategy for proving negligence.