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Tuna recalled over improperly sealed cans

More than 3 million cans of Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea tuna have been recalled by the manufacturer. At this time, no one has reported becoming ill from the tuna, but the product could spoil and any consumer who ate the tuna could be sickened.

The company has instructed consumers to throw out the potentially defective cans, which had been on the shelf of store this week. More than 51,000 cases of tuna were included in the recall, comprising 2.4 million individual cans of tuna. Originally, Bumble Bee had announced a recall of 24,000 cases. Also recalled were 659,784 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna, which had been canned at Bumble Bee's California plant.

The two brands' recalled tuna consisted of 5-ounces cans of chunk light and white tuna in water and oil sold from mid January though the first week of March, with best-by dates from in January 2016 for Bumble Bee and January of 2017 for Chicken of the Sea.

Full details of all the recalled tuna are available on the Food and Drug Administration's website. This most recent recall underscores the broad risk all consumers face when purchasing food manufactured on a massive industrial scale.

A onetime there were dozens of canning companies, so if any one of them had a manufacturing problem or contaminated product, the number of consumers who could have been exposed to the dangerous product was limited.

Today, with a few producers manufacturing millions of cans tuna or virtually another other food product, from eggs, to ground beef, peanut butter, any problems with a product can quickly spread to millions of consumers.

At the same time, government regulation has been scaled back by budget cuts and industry opposition.

Our cheap and easily obtained processed food comes with a price.

Source: USA Today, "Tuna recall expands to more than 3 million cans," Kim Painter, March 8, 2013

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