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Contraceptive Yasmin and Yaz litigation settled by Bayer

Drugs are chemical compositions, and once ingested, they can affect many of the body's systems. While they may have a primary effect, there may be multiple secondary, or side effects. Sometimes those side effects become much more than merely a side effect. Bayer has recently announced a settlement of lawsuits for injuries resulting from use of its Yasmin and Yaz oral contraceptives.

The product liability settlement covers gallbladder injuries in consolidated cases from across the country. The use of Yasmin or Yaz caused some people to suffer injuries to their gallbladders, and in some cases, necessitated the removal of their gallbladders.

The settlement agreement will pay injured claimants between $2,000 and $3,000. The total value of the settlement is capped at $24 million, and if significant numbers of claims are made, the individual payments may be reduced.

Bayer made the usual statement where they disclaimed any liability and stated they were settling to avoid long and expensive litigation. Nonetheless, the company is facing approximately 10,000 lawsuits involving these oral contraceptives, claiming the company should have warned women of the risk of gallbladder disease.

Bayer also settled cases involve blood clots allegedly due to Yaz and Yasmin. This settlement totaled $1 billion, and 8,000 lawsuits were filed for women who had suffered heart attacks, strokes and other injuries.

These cases were much more dangerous and damages for individuals are typically more than $100,000. Because of the way the settlement was structured, if you were using Yaz or Yasmin and suffered injuries from gallbladder disease, a heart attack or strokes, you should speak with a products liability attorney and discuss your options.

Source: Thomson Reuters News & Insight, "Bayer agrees to settle Yasmin, Yaz gallbladder lawsuits," Terry Baynes, March 20, 2013

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